A year ago I purchased a condo that was 23 years old. It had a gas fireplace that would not work. About 3 months ago after trying to get different companies to help me, I was desperate and discouraged with only dead ends. I called East Tennessee Gas Specialties. Due to the cold weather they were booked solid for a month, but Mike came by my condo after his last appointment that day to take a look at my problem. My unit was a difficult situation, but he said as soon as he could locate and order a burner that would work he would repair my fireplace. Good for his word, he took his own time, again, and after work he repaired my fireplace the following day.

I have never met another service person like him. From the time he walked into my home he took off his shoes, laid down a large mat in the area where he was working, brought his own vacuum and cleaned up the fireplace and area around it, took a cloth he had brought and wiped everything down, left the glass and fireplace shining, and then carried out his garbage from the fireplace.

But, what impressed me most was his character, professionalism, promptness, dependability, fairness in pricing my job, determination to solve the problem, and following up when I would leave a message for him to call me.

I have and will continue to recommend him.